MARPLE, MELLOR & MARPLE BRIDGE ENERGY SAVING STRATEGY is a local community project which aims to promote carbon reduction, raise awareness of climate change issues and find local solutions to some of the resulting problems.


Community ownership
– what does it mean?

Energy schemes can be funded by offering shares to local investors-as has been done for the Otterspool Weir hydro-electric scheme. This means that we lower our carbon emissions and the financial benefit goes to the community, not to a big energy company. The project receives Feed-in Tariff payments which help to make it pay.

Marple “Eco-house”

Marple already contains a home with many state-of-the-art energy saving and generating technologies. The CORES project helps us publicise this house; pictures and data from the house are available so that you can see how these technologies work.

The education pack

We are putting together a set of working models, equipment and resources so that local schools can teach children about energy. Get in touch if you are interested or can help!


Maureen Matthews (MESS Chair)

Marple, Mellor & Marple Bridge Energy Saving Strategy (MESS) received a £51,000 grant in February 2012 to promote energy saving and renewable energy locally. The money comes from a government scheme to help local groups, administered by the Energy Saving Trust.


We’ll be presenting the results to Marple residents, organisations and businesses on Saturday 21 April.


What the project does:

  • – Encourages residents to save energy and generate their own
  • – Surveys our area for its renewable energy potential – which we know to be good
  • – Plans improvements to several local sites and buildings by working with the owners and residents
  • – Explains a local zero-carbon “eco-house” or Superhome
  • – Helps local schools with equipment and resources on energy
  • – Shares our knowledge and monitoring instruments with the community

Is your house energy-efficient? Could you generate your own energy?

  • – Are you worried about heat loss from your house?
    We are buying a thermal imaging camera, and will be able to identify where heat is leaking out through walls and windows.
  • – Do you think you could install energy saving measures?
  • – Do you think your building, farm, or site is suitable for solar panels or other renewable energy generation? Let us know: our studies of the Marple area mean we can provide help and advice.

Renewable energy in Marple and Mellor

CORES used consultants with experience of community energy schemes to survey the Marple and Mellor area. We have many hills, streams and rivers as well as farms, woods and open land. If local groups and residents want to exploit the potential for renewable energy generation, we can help with advice on technologies and funding.

The best options are likely to be solar panels, small wind generators, small hydro-electric generators, and new heating systems such as heat pumps which extract heat from the ground or the air or wood-fired boilers. Of course, it’s also essential to reduce the demand on a site by fitting good energy-saving measures to buildings.

The local community building

We’re selecting a local public building for a detailed study of how a combination of measures can save money and energy. For example, the new home of Marple Band, in memorial Park is being renovated and having a new extension built to a high standard to demonstrate the best technologies.