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Article on peat in garden compost

A very easy way to reduce carbon dioxide that anyone can do is to buy peat-free compost at the garden centre. Read Gordon’s informative article here

May 2021 Newsletter published

Our latest newsletter is available to read. See link below

Notes on recent articles

Lots of interesting information collating various recent articles from different publications by Madeleine Cuff and Mark Carney among others. Click here to read.

Subscribe to an electric car

Very interesting article on a new initiative to subscribe to an electric car on a monthly basis. Cost includes insurance, maintenance and charging at public chargers. No upfront deposit. See

A guide to Ethical Shopping

A very interesting article on how to shop ethically online. Full of suggestions for websites we can use. Click here to read the article.

You, Me and Climate Change

A new article from a MESS member. Well worth reading and a sobering reminder to us all. Click here to read the article.

Learning Online

There are several options available if you want to listen to talks and/or attend an online course. Just go to our Links page to see what is on offer.

No idling

Our latest campaign is to stop cars idling when stationary outside schools and other public areas. See our You Tube video on our Home Page

The Arctic, a lesson to us all

We have a new and sobering article by Gordon a MESS member about the decline in sea ice in the Arctic. Click here to read the full article

New article by MESS members

Two MESS members have written an interesting article about rethinking your wardrobe with lots of interesting ideas. Click here to read it.